Dave Mention

I live and work in Brunswick Maine, and I am intensely curious about the world. I have been fortunate to be able to travel extensively (visiting more than 60 countries) and having lived in four countries on three continents. Photography has been a tool for me to think about and try to record the many people and places I have seen. Invariably I have found that slowing down and watching allows the scene to unfold and develop in front of me. These images represent a part of what I have seen.

As an adventure Travel Guide I have guided Sea Kayaking trips in various locations including The Galapagos Islands, Greenland, Croatia, Portugal, Panama, and Maine. My mountaineering expeditions have taken me to the summit of Denali, to the Yukon territories in Northern Canada, and to the Karakorum range in Pakistan. I have hiked extensively and enjoy wilderness canoeing. As a result, I have many outdoor images - just ask!

A partial list of organizations and publications which have featured my work:

L.L. Bean Sporting Specialties Catalog, 1995-2000

L.L. Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools Catalog, 1995-2000

Vintravel.com website, 2003

Destinationhimalaya.net website, 2005

Explorerscorner.com website, 2006

Maine Island Trail Association website and marketing materials, 2006-2009

KonbitSante.org Annual Report, 2010-12

Munich International School Yearbook and Magazine, 2011-12

Artwork photographs for publication in International Contemporary Masters V

Shanghai American School Yearbook, Magazine, website and Annual Report, 2012-13

Shanghai American School Theatre and Dance performances

Getty Images photographer 2013

Self Portrait


Dave is a pleasure to work with, and his talent is only exceeded by his drive to get the best photo. He takes direction and openly asks for feedback in order to continue to improve his skill. It’s exciting to work with someone who is so passionate and truly cares about the end product and the people involved in the process. -Taylor Hayden, Marketing Manager, Shanghai American School

Thanks for all your help making our dancers look great. You will be missed. – Doug Hundley, PhD. Performing Arts Center Director, Shanghai American School

Dave Mention’s photographic work this year in support of the SAS Theatre department has been impressive. In my experience, working with several theatre photographers over the years, the complexities of dealing with stage lights, performers in motion, a variety of spaces, from small black box to proscenium arch, is a demanding challenge. Dave has managed to not only record stunning moments of unpredictable live theatre but to capture the essence of the characters and earn the trust and respect of the students and production team. His non-invasive demeanour and technical ability have been fundamental to the success of documenting our student’s creative work. It has been an absolute pleasure working with him. – Jean Simmons, High School Theatre Teacher and Production Director at Shanghai American School.